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Our Brand Promise

To stretch our students' academic abilities while retaining their love for learning in a multitude of holistic aspects

Over 150,000 happy students since 2002!

20-Year A* Track Record

Since our genesis in 2002, we have been the education partner of choice for many students & their parents. Our excellent track record over the years says it all.

Enriching Curriculum

Our curriculum not only prepares students for the rigours of examinations, but also exposes them to real-life scenarios & knowledge of the world at large.

Educators with a Difference

Everyone at Mind Stretcher, irrespective of position or job scope, exists to make a difference to the lives of all our students. 350 people, 1 misson. 

As a leading education brand in Singapore, we are the Tuition & Enrichment centre of choice for thousands of parents/students each year.  Not only do we help students prepare effectively for the school and national examinations [Tutorial Services], we stretch our students and enrich their learning experience in terms of general knowledge and expose them to many different aspects of the real world (science & technology, current issues, politics, nature & the environment, history, economics etc) [Enrichment Services].

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Hear what our happy students & their parents say

Where Effective Learning is Key
At Mind Stretcher, we offer exceptional learning experiences and nurture students to be the best they can be.
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Educators 1st.  Everything else comes 2nd.


Since our establishment in 2002, Mind Stretcher Education has been providing quality tutorial & enrichment programmes to students in Singapore through innovative and effective pedagogies.


With our consistent and stellar track record in producing academic Achievers and High Achievers over the years, we are the Tuition & Enrichment centre of choice for many parents and students. Since we started, at least 150,000 students have enrolled in our regular weekly programmes. Every year, Mind Stretcher Education has thousands of students studying at our 23 centres across the island.


As the subject experts & market leaders in what we do, we believe that we can be your trusted education partner in guiding  and nurturing your child in his/her learning journey, be it at the PRE-SCHOOL, PRIMARY, SECONDARY or JUNIOR COLLEGE levels.

Our best-selling and highly-informative Edu-Webinars / Workshops have been attended by at least 20,000 students since May 2020 (when the Singapore Circuit Breaker came into force).  Mind Stretcher and 学汇乐 (Xue Hui Le) students get to attend these on a complimentary basis or at a discounted MS-Student rate.


As educators, we hold the view that all students have the potential to excel, regardless of their individual ability. At Mind Stretcher, we strive to stretch every young mind and the potential of each student to the fullest. 

Educators with a Difference - that's who we are, and that's what we will always strive to be.


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Educators with a Difference

20-Year A*            Track Record

Unquestionably the Best
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to the lives of our






SG50 Singapore
  Memory Project

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featuring Mind Stretcher

For its contribution to the education sector, Mind Stretcher was selected by SPRING Singapore (in partnership with the National Library Board) for the SG50 - 50 SMEs, 50 Schools project as part of the nation-wide effort to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence.

The project aimed to connect the younger generation with companies which had made contributions to Singapore. Teams from secondary schools were attached to the selected SMEs to learn about their history and the entrepreneurial spirit of their founders and leaders. The students’ findings were then captured in informative articles about their respective SMEs. Besides Mind Stretcher, other local household names to be featured include Eu Yan Sang, Muthu's Curry and Pet Lovers Centre.

Our story has been posted for posterity in the Singapore Memory Project, a national initiative to collect, preserve and provide access to Singapore’s knowledge materials so as to tell the Singapore Story.

The SG50 Brand Video for Mind Stretcher is shown below. Please click to play it.

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