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Paying it forward

“Education, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equaliser of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery.” - HORACE MANN

While we strive to fulfil our role as a provider of quality education, we believe that it is equally important to  contribute to society beyond educating students in our classrooms. The underprivileged are not confined by boundaries of race, language or religion; neither is our CSR philosophy.

That is why if you are a needy student or a student who needs financial support, speak to us. Full scholarships or partial scholarships to study at Mind Stretcher, will always be available to those students who need them.

Mind Stretcher Cerebral Palsy Alliance.jpg


Cerebral Palsy Alliance

CPAS empowers persons with cerebral palsy or multiple disabilities to realise their full potential and lead fulfilled, dignified lives. Mind Stretcher has pledged to provide annual Financial support to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance from 2021 to 2023.

Ongoing over the years...

Scholarships at Mind Stretcher

Mind Stretcher has always provided full or partial scholarships to  needy students. Should your think that you need financial assistance to study at Mind Stretcher, please let us know!

No student who needs an education will be deprived of a chance to study at Mind Stretcher if he/she really cannot afford it.

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Mind Stretcher Covid 19 Suppprt Sera.jpg


Oxygen Concentrators & Medical Supplies (India)

To help minimise the loss of lives caused by Covid-19 at the height of the pandemic in India, Mind Stretcher contributed around 40 oxygen concentrators and various medical supplies/medicine to various entities in India. May the suffering of all patients in this pandemic be alleviated.

CSR Anchor 1


Yak Liberation (China)

As part of our yearly initiatives to liberate lives, Mind Stretcher sponsored the liberation of around 30 yaks from the slaughterhouse in the Aba region of the Sichuan province in China. These liberated yaks (identified by coloured ribbons), can no longer to captured or slaughtered for their meat. May the world be filled with more peace and love.

Mind Stretcher Yak liberation.jpg
Mind Stretcher Thailand Road CSR Project 3.jpeg


Building roads for a poor village (Thailand)

Mind Stretcher was one of the sponsors to help construct a road for the needy villagers in the Tak Province of Thailand. The contribution was used to purchase cement & sand for the road construction.


Oxygen Concentrators  (Nepal)

To help patients cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, Mind Stretcher helped to sponsor a number of oxygen concentrators for an organisation in Kathmandu, Nepal.

This enabled the organisation to be more prepared in handling COVID-19 stricken towns folk and village folk who came to them for help.

Mind stretcher oxygen concentrator nepal.jpeg
Mind Stretcher CSR Manali Library 3.jpg


Library construction (India)

To enable the young students at a school in Manali, India, cope with winter and to progress in their studies without drastic interruption, Mind Stretcher helped to construct a library and a few 'winter-proof' classrooms. Thank you everybody who had chipped in to help.


Reconstructing the foundation for a hillside building (China)

A building where the hillside and poor villagers often congregate, in the remote Aba prefecture of Sichuan, China, was about to collapse because of extensive water erosion of its wooden foundation. To prevent its collapse, Mind Stretcher helped to rebuild the base of the structure with rocks and concrete. The building is safe for use for the villagers and hillside community now.

Mind stretcher Base reconstruction CSR project.jpeg
Mind Stretcher CSR Gar Relief.webp


GAR Relief Project (China)

Mind Stretcher has committed to help support the impoverished village of Tajuk in Nangchen County (China) for the next 5 years. This area is remote and underdeveloped, with rugged mountains, rudimentary roads, and a harsh climate. Except for limited solar panel capacity, the area has no electricity and no running water.  Funds used are used to support the aged in terms of medical care and day-to-day existence.


Half Day at an Orphanage (Malaysia)

We strive to give back to society each year through our CSR initiatives. Charity has no boundary. This year, since we were having our company retreat in JB, Malaysia, we decided to bring joy to the children of an orphanage home. We (MS Staff & Teachers) treated them to a buffet lunch, gave each child a bag of goodies, played games with them, and through the process, made them speak English (they are more proficient in Chinese). At the end of the 4-hour afternoon with them, we bonded so well with the children that both sides were reluctant to leave each other.

mind stretcher orphanage 3.jpg
Mind Stretcher CSR Orphanage.jpg
mind stretcher orphanage 4.jpg
mind stretcher orphanage 5.jpg
Mind Stretcher CSR Meals on Wheels.jpg
Mind Stretcher CSR Meals on Wheels 2.jpg


Meals on Wheels

This year’s Lunar New Year marked an opportune moment for the Mind Stretcher family to give back to the community through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Mind Stretcher collaborated with Touch Community Service on their “Meals on Wheels” programme, which distributes daily packed meals to needy households at different parts of Singapore, for a very meaningful Charity Drive. 


Travelling in groups to distribute the packed meals, our MS Goodie Bags (containing basic necessities like toothbrush & towels and everyday items like Milo, biscuits, soap & shampoo) and a pair of Mandarin Oranges to about 400 households at different zones in Singapore, our staff, teachers and students brought the festive cheer to the beneficiaries while everyone is busy preparing to usher in the Lunar New Year by removing the old and welcoming and receiving the new!

Mind Stretcher CSR Wheel, Walk or Jog 2015 2.jpg
Mind Stretcher CSR Wheel, Walk or Jog 2015.jpg


Wheel, Walk or Jog

Mind Stretcher is glad to be sponsoring “Wheel, Walk or Jog 2015,” the meaningful fund-raising event organised by Handicaps Welfare Association.

It was held on Saturday 25 April 2015 at Event Square, Waterfront Promenade @ Marina Bay, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m, with Guest-of-Honour Mr Heng Chee How, Senior Minister State Prime Minister’s Office and Member of Parliament for Whampoa SMC gracing the occasion.

In addition to contributing financial support for this charity event, Mind Stretcher had also recruited numerous students enrolled in its learning centres to participate in this meaningful project.  Through this experience, our students were better able to appreciate the plight of the less fortunate in our society.


Construction of Drug Rehabilitation Centre (India)

So far as drug de-addiction centres go, Kunphen Recovery Centre may come as an aberration. Unlike the de-addiction centres elsewhere, at Kunphen the inmates are not chained to their beds. The rooms are not kept locked and the inmates are free to roam around. There are no armed guards or bouncers manning the entry and exit points of the complex. The addicts admitted here are treated by the recovered addicts.


In 2018, Mind Stretcher contributed to the setting up of this multi-purpose rehabilitation centre for the community members who had taken to various forms of drug or alcohol abuse. From 2021, we will be providing monthly ongoing support to the centre for its humanitarian activities.

mind stretcher CSR Khunpen_edited.jpg
mind stretcher CSR Khunpen 2.PNG
50 schools, 50 smes 3_edited.jpg


SG50:50 Schools, 50 SMEs

Mind Stretcher was one of only two education companies selected by SPRING Singapore to be part o the SG50/NLB celebrations: 50 Schools, 50 SMEs Project Initiative. Students from secondary schools were attached to these selected SMEs to learn about their selected SME's history and the entrepreneurial spirit of their founders and leaders.


The students’ findings were then captured in informative articles about their respective SMEs. Mind Stretcher hosted and collaborated with the students from Yishun Secondary School for this project. The project concluded with a dialogue session with Minister Tan Chuan Jin at the National Library.



Do you have any old textbooks which you no longer need? Rather than just letting them be fodder for termites or collect dust on your book shelves, donate them now and help 20,000 primary & secondary students from low-income families!

Like in the past years, Mind Stretcher is a participating partner in NTUC FairPrice's Annual Share-A-Textbook project. Members of the public or Mind Stretcher students can drop their used textbooks for the recycling project at any Mind Stretcher centre.

Donate your used textbooks now to support this recycling effort to help the needy - A LITTLE GIVING,   A LOT MORE JOY!

Mind Stretcher CSR Share a Textbook.jpg
Mind Stretcher NSVM CSR.jpg


NSVM Opening Ceremony & Award Presentation

Mind Stretcher was privileged to be invited for the NSVM (National Senior Volunteer Month) Opening Ceremony on 24 September 2015. Mind Stretcher is an ardent supporter of RSVP Singapore (The Organisation of Senior Volunteers), having supported the organisation’s various projects and causes since 2013.


Gracing the occasion as the Guest-of-Honour was the President of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan. After delivering a rousing speech and launching the Silver Volunteer Fund, President Dr Tony Tan presented an award to Ms Kristie Lim, our Founding Principal, in recognition of Mind Stretcher’s support for RSVP over the years


YMCA SCC Story-Telling Contest

Mind Stretcher was the main sponsor of this year’s YMCA Student Care Centre Storytelling Competition.


Held at the YMCA Building on 10 September 2015,this event saw primary school students from the various YMCA student care centres excitedly engaging in a battle of oratorical flair onstage.


All the finalists were over the moon when they received a goody bag containing books, science experiment kits and vouchers worth up to $300. Singapore’s Got Talent? You bet!

Mind Stretcher YMCA CSR.jpg
Mind Stretcher CSR Make a Wish.jpg


MAKE-A-Wish @ Anchorvale

This year, Mind Stretcher was once again the sponsor for the Make-A-Wish Christmas event held at the Anchorvale Community Club on 12 December 2015. 


These children and their families enjoyed a most fruitful morning at the Anchorvale Community Club.  Besides the presentation of the “wishes / gifts” to the kids, everyone was treated to a most  entertaining Clown Show and a sumptuous buffet of finger foods.


Gracing the memorable occasion was the Guest-of-Honour , Dr Lam Pin Min, who is also the Minister of State for Health and the MP for Sengkang West.



S'pore Cancer Society

The Singapore Cancer Society is a community-based voluntary welfare organisation dedicated to promoting the awareness of and minimising the impact of cancer. 


Mind Stretcher is glad to have been a monthly financial sponsor in aid of the society’s noble causes for the period 2012 to 2015.

Mind Stretcher CSR Children's Society.jpg


Children's Society Award

On 25 June 2014, in recognition of Mind Stretcher’s contributions to the Singapore Children’s Society, our Founding Principal, Ms Kristie Lim, was presented with the 2014 Silver Award by Mr Lawrence Wong, the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth & Second Minister for Ministry of Communications and Information.


As part of our ongoing CSR efforts, Mind Stretcher is honoured to have played a meaningful role in supporting the causes of the Singapore Children’s Society.



Radin Mas CC Building Fund

Mind Stretcher was one of the financial sponsors for the Radin Mas Community Club Building Fund.


This fund aimed to raise enough monies for an upgrading project to enhance the Community Club’s facilities so as to better serve the residents in the Radin Mas constituency.

Mind Stretcher CSR, Race against Racism.jpg


MS Orange Ribbon Day

The Orange Ribbon Celebrations (ORC) is a national community event held in July each year to promote inter-racial harmony. In a show of support for racial and religious harmony, Mind Stretcher staff wore orange on 21 July 2014 and designated that day “Mind Stretcher Orange Ribbon Day!”


Imagine our pleasant surprise when ONEPEOPLE.SG, the government body in charge of organising the ORC, turned up at the Mind Stretcher Head Office premises to photograph and feature us as an exemplary organisation!


Walk, Wheel or Jog

On 18 May 2014, The Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA) held its annual ‘Wheel, Walk or Jog’ (WWJ) charity event at the Japanese Garden to create awareness and empower people with disabilities towards independent living and community integration.


Mind Stretcher staff volunteers and members of the public wheeled, walked and jogged along a designated route to raise funds for the physically challenged community.


In addition to contributing financial support for this charity event, Mind Stretcher had also recruited numerous students enrolled in its learning centres to participate in this meaningful project.  Through this experience, our students learnt to be compassionate and were better able to appreciate the plight of the less fortunate in our society.

Mind Stretcher CSR Walk, wheel, jog.jpg


MAKE-A-WISH (Touch a Heart)

Mind Stretcher made the Christmas wishes of the needy kids of the Sengkang West constituency come true on 21 December 2014


It was a joy to see the elated expressions on the kids’ faces when they received the gifts they had wished for from the ever-affable Minister of State for Health and MP for Sengkang West, Dr Lam Pin Min.


As the main sponsor of this meaningful event for the third year running, Mind Stretcher is glad to do our bit for the needy kids.

Mind Stretcher CSR Make a wish 2014.jpg


WAHAH Project

This meaningful and noteworthy WAHAH project aims to provide temporary shelter to poor and needy families who cannot afford normal housing.


To support the project’s noble objectives, Mind Stretcher has made financial contributions to both Just Parenting and the WAHAH Project.


May everyone in Singapore have a roof over their heads in time to come!


Walk for our Children

The Team @ Mind Stretcher turned up full force at the West Coast Park on 17 August 2014 to do their bit for the underprivileged children of Singapore. From the wee hours of the morning till late afternoon, our energetic team of staff and student volunteers helped to raise funds for the Singapore Children’s Society by selling buns and balloon sculptures.  


In recognition of Mind Stretcher being the Gold Sponsor for this charity walkathon, Ms Kristie Lim, our Founding Principal, was presented with a special plaque by the Guest-of-Honour, Mr Chan Chun Sing, the Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for Defence.

Mind Stretcher CSR Walk for our children 2014.jpg
Mind Stretcher CSR suzy doll donation drive.jpg


Suzy Doll Donation Drive

To help support the donation drive of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS), Mind Stretcher placed CPAS’ “Suzy Doll” donation box at all our centres. 


This provided an opportunity for all our students and their parents to show their generous monetary support to aid the most worthy and meaningful cause of the CPAS.


We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all donors for the generous contributions to the “Suzy Doll”!

Mind Stretcher CSR Ghana Service Project.jpg


Ghana Service Project

In January 2014, Mind Stretcher sponsored a team of international student volunteers in their Fundraising for Service Learning Project in Ghana, Africa. 


Through this meaningful experience, the students learnt to appreciate the opportunities they enjoy in their home countries while doing their part of a less-privileged community.

Mind Stretcher CSR Libary Tour School of Deafjpg.jpg


Library Tour for students from School for the Deaf

On 11 September 2014, Mind Stretcher staff volunteers accompanied students from the Singapore School for the Deaf on a guided tour of the National Library. 


Besides gleaning golden nuggets of information about the National Library, we had a great time bonding with the students and the senior volunteers from RSVP. It was a most memorable CSR excursion indeed!


S'pore Buddhist Free Clinic

Since 2014, Mind Stretcher (through either its learning centres or key management personnel) has been supporting the Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic (SBFC).


The SBFC is The SBFC is an Institution of Public Character which provides free medical services to the sick and needy in Singapore..

Mind stretcher singapore buddhist free clinic CSR.jpg


RSVP Scavenger Art

On 14 September 2013, a group of Mind Stretcher staff, led by our Founding Principal, Ms Kristie Lim, made their way to the Orchid Country Club to help out at the RSVP Scavenger Art CSR event.


This CSR event was organised by RSVP Singapore (a VWO which Mind Stretcher supports) for the disadvantaged kids from various children homes and from low-income households


At the conclusion of the event, everybody was in awe of the fabulous pieces of art created.  This was creativity at its best!

Mind Stretcher CSR RSVP Scavenger Art.jpg
Mind Stretcher CSR Walk for our children 2013.jpg


Walk for our Children

Mind Stretcher was privileged to participate in the the ‘Walk for our Children” charity event at the Bishan Park on 29 September 2013.


Despite the pouring rain, the Team from Mind Stretcher was undaunted and turned up in the wee hours of morning to set up our balloon sculpting and Polaroid photo-taking booths.  All proceeds were channelled to the Singapore Children’s Society.


In recognition of Mind Stretcher’s contribution as the Gold Sponsor for this annual fund-raising event, Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Guest-of-Honour and Minister for Health, presented Mind Stretcher with a Plaque of Appreciation.


MAKE-A-WISH @           Anchorvale CC

Santa arrived early on 7 December 2013 at the Anchorvale Community Club.  On that glorious Sunday morning, the needy kids in the Sengkang West constituency had their Christmas wishes (which they had penned down in cards) fulfilled! 


Ms Kristie Lim, Mind Stretcher’s Founding Principal and a number of Mind Stretcher staff, had a great time interacting with the kids and participating in the fun-filled activities that day. 


The Guest-of-Honour and the MP for Sengkang West , Dr Lam Pin Min presented Ms Kristie with a beautiful plaque in appreciation of Mind Stretcher acting as the main sponsor of the Make-A-Wish 2013 Christmas event.

Mind Stretcher CSR Make a wish 2013.png
Mind Stretcher CSR share a textbook 2013.jpg



The FairPrice Share-A-Textbook project has collected over 3.135 million books since 1983; this equates to saving about 37,620 trees. Through the reusing and recycling of books, this project strives to promote conservation of resources t while imparting the spirit of giving and inculcating the value of thrift in the young.


As a supporting partner of this meaningful project, Mind Stretcher acts as a registered collection point for second-hand textbooks. 


We would like to thank all our generous staff, teachers, students and their parents for contributing to the underprivileged community



26 December 2012 was the day Christmas wishes came true for a bunch of loveable needy kids in the Sengkang West constituency. 


Ms Kristie Lim, Mind Stretcher’s Founding Principal and a number of enthusiastic Mind Stretcher staff, helped out in collating the gifts and preparing goody bags for the kids at the event. 


The event was a blast and everyone present had a most enjoyable time interacting with the kids Dr Lam Pin Min, the MP for Sengkang West, graced the occasion as the Guest-of-Honour.

Mind Stretcher CSR Make a Wish 2012.jpg

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