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Be Seen,
Be heard,
Be remembered.


Over the years, Mind Stretcher has been featured in various media articles & publications. 

Top Entrepreneur Feature Cover (Stretching young minds)

"The need to offer quality tuition & enrichment services, at an affordable fee, motivates us. What is especially satisfying to us is that we have students coming back to us year after year, and that we have made a diference to their lives in the formative years."

Interview with The Straits Times ST Feature in LIFE!)

"Growing up without a father meant that President's Scholar Moses Soh had little time for pranks and childishness. If it was not studies, it was helping around the house and being there for his siblings. He learnt to make the best of things..."

Straits Times - Promising SME 500 Awards (Feature Article)

"Recalling its early days, Mr Kuek, Mind Stretcher's Co-Founder & a former RI Asean Scholar, says - It required long term vision and real passion to  persevere even when all odds seem stacked against you. Ultimately, it is the desire to make a difference, no matter how small, to the lives of our students."

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040812 ST Stretching young minds.jpg

ST Little Red Dot article the Mind Stretcher Science Lab

"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand" - For the pupils learning science at Mind Stretcher, this old proverb certainly rings true for them.  The chain of tutition centres for pre-primary, primary and secondary school students, has a science lab in Bishan...

Mothership Article (The Birthday Collective) - Featured Essay

"To surmount the challenge of taking care of four young kids while finding a way to provide for and feed our family, she had started a small tuition centre. With no money to spare, she found a bomb-shelter in the basement of a Bishan HDB block with cheap rent, and worked very hard to make it work."

ST News : Taking a page from heartland firms' success

"Mr Alvin Kuek of tuition chain Mind Stretcher remembers vividly going door-to-door with his fellow co-founder, Kristie Lim, to hand our brochures advertising their centre 12 years ago. Despite their efforts, business was slow in the first four years."

Mind Stretcher LRD article on science lab.png
Mind Stretcher Moses Soh Kristie Lim.png
Mind Stretcher Centre 1_edited.jpg

Feature Interview in 'The Asian Parent'

"From growing up in a kampung, to seeing her life fall apart at 33, when she got divorced with 4 young kids to look after, and then again jumping blindfolded into a business, Kristie Lim has seen it all. We ask this very inspiring businesswoman, the founding principal of the Mind Stretcher chain of education centres, how the journey has been so far.

The Business Times Singapore 1000 (Stretching Young Minds)

"What differentiates Mind Stretcher from the run-of-the-mill tuition & enrichment centre, said Co-Founder & Principal, Kristie Lim, is how it offers a holistic yet non-elitist education. The company, now one of the largest enrichment chains in Singapore, built up a name for itself in Singapore since its humble beginnings in 2002."

Business Times SME News : Head of the class with technology

"When taking in the large touchscreens that replace traditional chalkboards, as well as science labs and 100 to 200-capacity seminar rooms in the Mind Sretcher regional campuses, it gets hard to imagine that the homegrown tuition chain emerged from a basement bomb shelter in Bishan 15 years ago."

Mind Stretcher The Asian Parent.jpg
Mind Stretcher BT Stretching young minds.PNG
Mind Stretcher BT Head of the Class with Technology.PNG

Feature Interview by RSM
a Top 6 Global Pofessional Services / Acounting Firm)

In celebration of our 35th Anniversary, we have launched “Celebrating Entrepreneurship” to honour 12 of our entrepreneurs for their foresight, courage and will. Hear from Alvin Kuek, Co-founder of the Mind Stretcher education group, on whether entrepreneurs are born or bred. We hope you will enjoy the video, share the wisdom and spread the inspiration.

Promising SME News Article        (A Fulfilling Stretch)

"There are many factors that affect a child's academic performance - the curriculum, the teacher's abiklity, teacher-student interaction, the child's personal characteristics and family background. When one of them is absent, it affects the child's potential to learn and develop. 

The Straits Times Life Interview with Kristie Lim: A Class Act

Mind Stretcher RSM Celebrating Entrepreneurship.PNG
Mind Stretcher PromisingSME_edited.jpg
Mind Stretcher ST Interview - A Class Act.jpg

"It is 5pm on a Tuesday and a class of 10 students are going through an English-language cloze passage about the Peruvian lost city, Machu Picchu. But instead of memorising facts or going through a worksheet, these Primary 4 children - all pupils at home-grown tuition centre Mind Stretcher - are taking a different approach..."

Singapore 1000 Business Club (Towkay Talk Chinese Article)


The education centre's values wonderefully encapsulate its conviction and driving force. A Single mother of 4 young kids then, Kristie Lim decided that having an enrichment centre was the best way for her to marry her passion in education and her family commitments.

NTU / Nanyang Busines School Feature (From 18-hr days to 18 Tuition Centres)

"Kristie says that the education she received at NTU proved invaluable as she sought to establish her enterprise: "Accounting is the language of business and having a good grasp of it puts one in a much better position to make sense of the financial health of a company and its budgetary constraints.

DP Group S'pore 1000:          Riding the Momentum of Change

Mind Stretcher Towkay Talk.PNG
Mind Stretcher NTU Article.PNG
Mind Stretcher Towkay Talk 3.PNG

"We are always in the hunt for new programmes, technology and innovative methods of learning, and are feeling very excited about some of these projects which are already underway, or or in the process of being planned and executed. At Mind Stretcher, we are first and foremost educators. Everything Else comes second.

mind stretcher awards_edited.jpg

Some awards we have garnered over the years

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