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Perk up your ears & sit up straight to hear,

For this mind-stretching podcast will bring you Cheer,

Groan or enthuse about anything education-related,

There is no gambit here, so you won't be checkmated!

1....2....3.....Set & Cast!

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Mind Madness

To save the world from the hordes of rampaging zombies, Blur Sotong is advising those who have still some measure of sanity to chant this lullaby. Hear the Blur Sotong cast his advice & do your bit to save the world!


Mind the Aliens' Mind...

In this shocking podcast, Blur Sotong describes the insights from a REAL FEMALE ALIEN on how education on Earth must transform radically in order to achieve just 1% of alien intelligence and know-how. A mind-blowing revelation not to be missed!
Alien Girl
Get your child ready for the 2022 PSLE
Get your child ready for the 2022 PSLE
Early preparation is key to success. Get invaluable tips on how to prepare your child for the 2022 PSLE now! COMPLIMENTARY for MS / Xue Hui Le 学汇乐 students in our weekly regular classes. Non-MS students can attend these Edu-Webinars for a small fee of $50.
7-12 Jan 2022 (5 distinct Webinars)
Online Webinar
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